Talks and Lectures


  • IROS 2022 – Continual Learning in Real-Life Applications [slide]
  • ICPR 2020 – Towards Artifact-Free Image Defogging [slide] [poster]
  • IROS 2019 – Efficient Continual Learning with Latent Rehearsal [slide] [poster]

Seminars and Invited Talks

  • Depth-based Computer Vision for In-vehicle Monitoring [page]
    Speaker: Guido Borghi
    Event: PhD Course in Computer Science and Engineering school (University of Bologna)
  • Neural Style Transfer [slide]
    Speaker: Gabriele Graffieti
    Event: Deep Learning course (11/05/2021)
  • From art to deep fakes: an introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks [slide]
    Speaker: Gabriele Graffieti
    Event: Machine Learning course (12/12/2019)

Other Presentations

  • Towards Continual Learning on Device with Latent Replay [slide]
    Speaker: Gabriele Graffieti
    Event: ACDL 2020 Summer School (13/06/2020)