The Recycling Symbols dataset

We are releasing the dataset of recycling symbols used in the paper “A weakly supervised approach for recycling code recognition”, which will be published on Expert Systems with Applications soon! 🥳

The dataset is a simple collection of images depicting the recycling symbols commonly found in consumer products. This is similar to the Seven Plastics dataset released on Kaggle here, but it includes non-plastic symbols (FE, GL, …) and many more temporally correlated images.

The dataset is partially annotated with the bounding boxes of the triangles and the text elements depicted in the images. In our paper, we describe how a weakly supervised pipeline can create missing boxes and then use them in an iterative training scheme. The dataset also carries a set of negative examples obtained by cropping the frames from the original videos in a part of the image far from the triangle.

More info on our paper is coming soon :-)!

Dataset download: here