We investigate and create solutions adopting the last breakthrough results and technologies from Academia and companies. 

We are proud of our long experience in the field of Biometrics, specifically in tasks such as fingerprint recognition and face morphing detection attacks. 

We are specialized in image analysis and in developing computer vision-based solutions, ranging from Video Surveillance to Machine and Robot vision.

The Mi@BioLab is a research laboratory at University of Bologna born from the experience matured at the Biometric System Laboratory (that’s why we refer as MI@Biolab). It is located at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DISI), Cesena (Italy).

MI@Biolab is specialized in researching and developing solutions in the field of Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Biometrics. Collaborations with industrial partners ensure that the research activities are linked to real applications.

Latest News

NVIDIA AI visits Cesena campus
NVIDIA AI visits Cesena campusJanuary 25, 2023On Thursday, January 26th, at 11 AM, Giuseppe Fiameni (NVIDIA) and Andrea Pilzer (NVIDIA) will give an invited talk on “GPU-Accelerated Computing”. Giuseppe Fiameni is a Solution Architect and Data Scientist at NVIDIA, where he oversees the NVIDIA AI Technology Center in Italy, a collaboration among NVIDIA, CINI and CINECA to accelerate academic research in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Andrea Pilzer is a Solution Architect at NVIDIA and works with NVIDIA AI Technology Center in Italy. He was postdoc at Aalto University working on uncertainty estimation for deep learning, worked at Huawei Ireland and got his Ph.D. The seminar will be held at Aula 2.6, Cesena Campus, Via dell’Università 50 – Cesena. More info on the seminar is in the flier. [...]
The Recycling Symbols dataset
The Recycling Symbols datasetNovember 29, 2022We are releasing the dataset of recycling symbols used in the paper “A weakly supervised approach for recycling code recognition”, which will be published on Expert Systems with Applications soon! 🥳 The dataset is a simple collection of images depicting the recycling symbols commonly found in consumer products. This is similar to the Seven Plastics dataset released on Kaggle here, but it includes non-plastic symbols (FE, GL, …) and many more temporally correlated images. The dataset is partially annotated with the bounding boxes of the triangles and the text elements depicted in the images. In our paper, we describe how a weakly supervised pipeline can create missing boxes and then use them in an iterative training scheme. The dataset also carries a set of negative examples obtained by cropping the frames from the original videos in a part of the image far from the triangle. More info on our paper is coming soon :-)! Dataset download: here [...]
Invited talk on “AI Etichs”.
Invited talk on “AI Etichs”.November 29, 2022On Wednesday, November 30th, at 4:00 PM, Gabriele Graffieti will give an invited talk on “AI Etichs“.Gabriele Graffieti is Senior Computer Vision Algorithm Engineer at VisLab (an Ambarella Inc. company, located in Parma (Italy).The seminar will be held at Aula 4.2 CAD, DISI Department, Cesena, and it is part of the Machine Learning and Data Mining course (Module 2, prof. Guido Borghi). [...]
Invited talk on “AI Solutions for Real-World Business”
Invited talk on “AI Solutions for Real-World Business”November 29, 2022On Wednesday, November 23rd, at 2:00 PM, Cosimo Fiorini will give an invited talk on “AI Solutions for Real-World Business“. Cosimo Fiorini is Head of Data Science at Ammagamma company, located in Modena (Italy). The seminar will be held at Aula 4.2 CAD, DISI Department, Cesena, and it is part of the Machine Learning and Data Mining course (Module 2, prof. Guido Borghi). [...]
Cognitive Robots 2022
Cognitive Robots 2022May 30, 2022Our laboratory has presented the research work titled Continual Learning for Real Life Robotics at the event “Cognitive Robots 2022” held in conjunction with the International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing (ICIAP), Lecce, Italy. [...]
Paper publication
Paper publicationMay 18, 2022Our paper: Incremental Training of Face Morphing DetectorsG. Borghi, G. Graffieti, A. Franco, D. Maltoni has been accepted in the 26th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (August 21-25, 2022 – Montréal Québec)! [...]
Paper publication
Paper publicationMay 5, 2022Our paper: Continual Learning in Real-Life Applications G. Graffieti, G. Borghi and D. Maltoni has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters journal! Check it out on IEEE Explore! [...]
They’re talking about us!
They’re talking about us!December 17, 2021Resto del Carlino (local edition) [link to the article (italian)] Unibo Magazine [link to the article (italian)] [...]
1 place in the ICCV 2021 SSLAD competition!
1 place in the ICCV 2021 SSLAD competition!November 22, 2021The Unibo team coordinated by prof. Davide Maltoni at the UOS DISI in Cesena, which includes: Gabriele Graffieti (PhD student Data Science), Guido Borghi (RTD-A DISI) and Matteo Ferrara (Associate Professor DISI), won the competition Continual learning – supervided classification organized within the workshop Self-supervised learning for next-generation industry-level Autonomous Driving (ICCV 2021) which was attended by 47 teams from all over the world. [...]
Hello, World! Welcome to the new MI@Biolab website!
Hello, World! Welcome to the new MI@Biolab website!October 2, 2021This is the first test news of the MI@Biolab website! Here, you will find updates and news from the laboratory and the Machine Learning community. Stay tuned! [...]